Friday, April 3, 2009

On The Road to Chicago

The View is getting ready to leave for Chicago to watch the Milwaukee Admirals, uh, Nashville Predators take on the Blackhawks in another critical contest for the Preds. Last night's action did not favor the Preds, as St. Louis bested Detroit and Anaheim beat the Canuckleheads in a shootout. This leaves the Preds in 9th, one point behind St. Louis and two points behind Anaheim. The Preds have five games left, starting tonight, and ten vital points are in play. At a minimum, I believe the Preds have to win 4 of these 5 games and get a little help from the teams in front of them. Time to start tonight.

Remember the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction tonight. Tickets are still available to this outstanding event that benefits the Predators Foundation. Gerry Helper and Rebecca Ward have put together an evening that has something for everyone and benefits the community through the Predators Foundation. Mrs. View will be representing there tonight (please take it easy on the credit card, Sweetie).

A bunch of new faces in the lineup. Some battled tested veterans. And no team vying for a playoff spot going to give us a break. Five crucial games. Time to shut up and play, boys.

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