Thursday, April 9, 2009

Defy the Odds

Sometimes you look at a situation and decide the circumstances, or the odds, are just so against you that you walk away. Just quit. Sometimes you look at that same situation, same circumstances, and you and you strike a defiant pose*, get your back up and say "let's go". The hill is steep, the climb is arduous, but there is no quit. Welcome to the world of our beloved Predators. The hill they are climbing to the playoffs has nearly gone vertical; the odds are against them; the pundits have ruled them out. So be it. Win or lose tonight, this team has shown that they will not back down, regardless of circumstances. I expect the maximum effort from the boys tonight even though the circumstances are less than favorable; I expect the character, heart, and grit that we have seen on this sprint to the playoffs to once again be on display. Skate off the ice tonight boys, knowing that you have left it all out there. Be defiant toward the odds.

Mike Babcock has not made his call for the starting goalie tonight, but it is expected to be Chris Osgood. Ozzie is the most honest goalie in the NHL, as he has never stolen a game. Let's hope that continues tonight. The Wings get back Brian Rafalski after missing several games with a groin strain. The Preds are not expected to have any changes to their lineup tonight as Pihlstrom, Belak, Legwand, and Erat are all out. Rinne is in net for the Preds.

The boys no longer control their destiny. They do control their play. Heart and grit, 100% effort tonight, and let the chips fall where they may.

* My son Matt and Gnash trying to strike a defiant pose

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