Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Interview with Ducks GM Bob Murray

The GM of the Anaheim Waterfoul, uh, Ducks, Bill Bob Murray accused the Nashville Predators of diving in the first three games of their Western Conference quarterfinal series in order to get calls from the officials.

I caught up with Murray for this exclusive interview at the Centennial Sports Complex, where the Ducks were practicing, to ask him to elaborate on his comments.

"What can you say about the Predators? They are dropping like the U.S. dollar," said Murray. "I mean, look at these guys, going down after a slew foot or a shot to their nether regions. Ridiculous!" screamed Murray.

When I asked Murray about the fact that his team is one of the most penalized in the NHL, his spittle flecked response was, "Penalties my ass! These are just hockey plays! I mean, jabbing a goalie in the nuts after the period is over is just part of hockey. He was wearing a cup, for goodness sakes."

Murray went on to say, "I have told our players to start diving as well, maybe we can draw some penalties to even things out. The officials just don't seem to understand that we can't beat the Predators at even strength. We need the man advantage."

"That big guy we have on the team... Randy, What's the big guy's name... Gallagher? Parros? Whatever. He can't hit anyone from behind or use his elbows without a penalty being called. Might as well put a dress on all of them."

At that point, Coach Carlyle scurried over and told Murray that being located in southern California, that whole "putting on the dress thing" might not be such a good idea.

Murray said the Ducks were just misunderstood by the officials. In fact, he said Head Coach Randy Carlyle, along with assistants Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer, were preparing the Ducks for game 4 by having them spend time off the ice working on their boxing and street fighting techniques. "Just the usual stuff," he said. "It helps to keep our game sharp."

I started to bring up the incident with Bobby Ryan, but before I could ask a question, Murray stomped on my foot and told me the interview was over. He did let me snap a picture before he left, though.

*this was not a real interview with Bob Murray. It could have been on with Bill Murray, however.

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