Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ducks Cheap Shot Their Way to a 6-3 Win, Even Series at 2

The Anaheim Waterfoul blew open a 3-3 tie in the third period en route to a 6-3 victory in the Bridgestone Arena to even the series at 2-2.

The down and dirty, besides the play of the Ducks, was that the Predators absolutely fell apart in the third period. Not much to say about it except the play of the Predators was lacking. They fought back all night to tie the game on several occasions only to see their best efforts fall short the third.

Randy Carlyle sent Jarkko Ruutu out to target Marty Erat, and he was successful. Ruutu delivered a blow to Erat's head and knocked one of the Predators offensive weapons out of the game. Ruutu received a two minute minor for roughing, but my suggestion is instead of suspending Ruutu, the league should suspend the POS coach of the Ducks.

Think I'm over stating the case. Ruutu played 5:41 in the game, yet he was able to take out one of the Predators leading offensive threats. Class act that Carlyle is, wouldn't you say?

The Predators failed to capitalize on their series advantage, and now have lost one of their top players for an indeterminate amount of time. This team had dealt with adversity all season, and this is another hill to climb. I will say that the respect and esteem of Carlyle and the Ducks is completely gone. They are a classless bunch of players coached by a classless piece of sh*t.

So be it.

It's time for the Predators to strike back. They have played the game the way it should be played; the Ducks have thugged it up from the word go. If you want to play that way, boys, then Selanne, Perry, Getzlaf, and others should be looking over their shoulder in the next game.

The Ducks are a classless and cheap organization. Their Head Coach perpetuates the thuggishness. Their General Manager is a whiner. These are all just distractions.

Time to get your mojo back boys. Go to Anaheim and take care of business. Then the Ducks have to come back to our barn.

Know this, Carlyle, and your classless bunch of goons.

Hell awaits

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