Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The First "Hattie" of 2011

Time to hand out the first "Hattie" of 2011, and continuing the trend of reporters receiving this esteemed award, this one goes to the Orange County Registers' Jeff Miller. Miller personifies laziness and irrelevance with his Predators/Ducks preview by dragging out the terribly original moniker of "Trashville" and numerous tired cliches.

Face it, Miller can't read a map much less find Nashville on one. I'm certain that Miller has never been to Nashville, content to dwell in the land of fruits and nuts reeking of patchouli.

Good satire is... well why bother explaining it to Jeff. He would understand anyway.

Tired and flaccid writing, Jeff. Very apropos that there was an "Extenze" ad juxtaposed by your article.

And for that, you have the dubious distinction of earning 2011's first "Hattie"

The Horse's Ass Trophy, or Hattie, is awarded to those individuals or institutions that personify stupidity, laziness, and an assholistic approach to life.

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