Friday, March 12, 2010

Preds Embarrassed When They Find Out the Game Lasts 60 Minutes, Not 40, Drop 8-5 Decision to Sharks

Up 4-2 to start through two periods of their game with the San Jose Sharks, the game looked in hand for the Nashville Predators and two precious points were going to be secured. Unfortunately for the Predators, it's a three period game, and in the third, the Predators absolutely fell apart. As a result of their horrific effort in the the third, the Predators dropped an 8-5 decision.

Words do not even begin to describe how painful this is for the Predators. This game was in hand. Just play solid hockey for one period and skate out of the Shark Tank with the win. Instead, the Predators gave of six- SIX- freaking goals to the home team. Unbelievable is all I can say. Actually, I could say a lot more, but this is a family oriented blog.

Nashville outshot the Sharks 17-6 in the first and 17-5 in the second, building their lead. At the start of the third period, however, the Predators looked as if they were content to just sit on the lead, and this bit them in the butt. The Sharks scored two quick goals to to tie the game. The tying goal by Manny Malholtra was reviewed to see if he had kicked it in, and if there had been any consistency whatsoever by the War Room, it would have been disallowed as was Dustin Boyd's goal in the second. However, it was allowed to stand.

Although momentum was in the Sharks favor, the Predators fought back and still were in the game. Sloppy defense allowed the Sharks to swarm Dan Ellis, and he was unable to keep pucks out of the net. For the night, he allowed 6 goals on 17 shots.

After the Sharks had taken a 5-4 lead, the Predators came back to tie the game at 5. Shea Weber casually played a puck at the Predators blue line and Joe Pavelski stole the puck and broke in on Ellis to score the game winner. For the night, the number one D pairing of Suter and Weber were -6 and -5, respectively.

Kudos to Colin Wilson for a strong game; and to Patric Hornqvist and J.P. Dumont, who each notched two goals.

Frankly, this game is not worthy of a recap. Folding in the third period like this team did is unacceptable and inexcusable. Attempting to sit on a lead instead of pressing the attack and doing what got the lead in the first place was a formula for disaster.

Listen guys, you had two points for the taking. Two points that, hopefully, you will not back upon with regret at the end of the season. Two points you just pissed away.

It's not going to get any easier for you guys, and no one feels sorry for you right now. There are teams that are hungrier and more desperate than you and they will step over you to get in the playoffs.You have to get that hunger and that desperation back into your game, or you will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.

I'm disgusted with the performance in the third period. As bad as I feel, I hope you feel much worse. I hope this eats at you. I hope you're so angry that you can't see straight. I hope the coaches or the captain or someone on this team ripped you a new one in the locker room. Because you deserve it.

The first 40 minutes of this game were exquisite hockey. You stunk it up in the last 20. Beyond anything I could imagine.

You get your chance for redemption tomorrow night. Show some heart. Be mentally and physically tough. Play like you did in the first 40 minutes of this game.

Oh yeah. Try playing that way for all 60 minutes tomorrow.

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