Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introducing a New Award

After the season is over, the NHL hands out numerous awards for individual achievement. Awards such as the Hart (most valuable player), Vezina (top goaltender), and Calder (top rookie) are awarded to deserving recipients. The end of the year awards are one of the highlights of a a summer without hockey.

In the spirit of acknowledging those who are deserving, The View From 111 has come up with its own award. This award can be given to a player, coach, official, front office person, or anyone associated with the great game of hockey. Unlike the NHL awards, which are given at the end of the season, this award can be given at any time to a deserving person or entity that has distinguished themselves by their actions or words.

The award will be called the H.A.trophy., or "Hattie". Here is a picture of the very, uh, special trophy that will be awarded:

Nominations will be accepted at any time, either by sending me a comment at the end of a post, or you can e-mail your nominations to me at 

Some early, and I might say worthy nominees are already under consideration. They are: the Nashville Sports Authority; the Toronto War Room; and Alex Burrows.

Remember: you can submit nominations throughout the course of the season, and eligible nominees are anyone that has anything to do with hockey.

I look forward to your submissions.


  1. I really like it. If you can't convince Bettman to add it to the show, we could have the announcement in front of the Palms during the Red Carpet walk.