Saturday, March 27, 2010

The First Ever "Hattie" Award

The View is proud to announce the winner of of the first ever H.A. Trophy, or "Hattie" Award. This special trophy is awarded to an individual who distinguished himself with bush league reporting and the spreading of unfounded rumors like manure in a garden.

Ken Campbell, a "reporter" for The Hockey News reported that the Predators could be a team that is relocating. Unfounded and no basis in fact, this didn't stop Campbell from publishing this "rumor". First class reporting there.

Congratulations, Ken, on being the first ever recipient of a Hattie. You deserve it.


  1. Bravo, Mark. Campbell is by far the most vocal, anti-Nashville hack in the hockey world. Maybe you should award him two statues, so he could sit on one and use the other for a microphone.


  2. Dishonorable mention, at least, ought to go to Michael Cass and Nate Rau of the Tennessean. It's a real horse's-arse race between them for last place.

  3. Hockey Hillbilly,

    There are more Hatties coming!