Friday, March 27, 2009

Updated Attendance numbers

Today's Tennessean reported the Preds official attendance numbers as of March 3 at 13,102. Apparently, it was too difficult for the local daily to get more current numbers. After extensive research (okay- I went to ESPN's website) the updated numbers as of March 23 for the Preds is 14,763. This obviously doesn't include the Ducks game on Tuesday (16,418) or the Sharks game on Thursday (16,562). 14,000 average attendance is the magic number for revenue sharing. The Preds have three home games to go and are inching toward the 15,000 average attendance number. Very positive news for the Preds and congratulations are in order to the fans for supporting the team and the organization for attracting the fans to the rink. Unfortunately, the Tennessean can't seem to get current numbers to report.


  1. FYI, the ESPN numbers are total attendance, which includes paid as well as unpaid tickets (giveaways). The 14,000 target is for paid attendance only, and that's usually the number the Tennessean reports. I wonder if the 13,102 is a typo because it's way off of previous reports that had them around 13,900 or so in paid attendance. Unfortunately I can't find this report online at the TN right now...

  2. You read the Tennessean? Wow. We put it under the cat litter box.....