Sunday, March 29, 2009

Showdown in Motown

A 4:00 start in Motown today as the Preds play their second to last back to back series of the season. The Preds should expect an angry Red Wings team that will come out flying. Angry because of the 8-0 shellacking the Preds laid on the Wings the last time they played; angry at a 2-0 shutout at home by the Islanders in their last game. The Preds have to be prepared for the intensity of this game and match Detroit from the opening faceoff to have a chance. The formula for victory is the same as it has been- exceptional goaltending, solid D; and throwing pucks at the net and crashing the crease. It's simple hockey that can lead to a Preds victory.

Congratulations to Steve Sullivan and Marty Erat for milestones reached in last night's game against the Kings. Sully's assist on Shea Weber's goal was his 600th NHL point. Marty's four assists pushed him to 300 NHL points.

Two games left against the Wings, Jackets, and Hawks, with a finale against the Wild. Seven games, 14 precious points. No doubt there is pressure with the ultra tight Western Conference race. This is the time where winners excel, where your breeding rises to the fore. Show us what you are made of, boys.

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