Sunday, October 6, 2013

Predators Fine Tune the Fan Experience With New Menu Offerings

The Nashville Predators are giving the Bridgestone Arena a makeover (you can read about that here), but that is not the only difference that fans will experience when they come to the first home game of the season.

In an effort to enhance the experience of fans that come to the arena, there will be new menu items at the concession stands.

And they are exceptional.

I was fortunate to be invited to a tasting to sample the culinary creations of Executive Chef Wade Gnann, and he has creatively crafted some foods that are uniquely Nashville.

Chef Wade Gnann discusses the new menu items. Chef Gnann said that this was "fun food" a real pleasure to create the new offerings.

The Nash Dog can be found at the Food Network concession stand by the former South entrance. This is a jumbo hot dog covered with pulled pork and slaw.

I have experienced Canadian poutine, and the Nashville version is decidedly different and good. This version has the base of crispy French fries, but instead of regular cheese curds and brown gravy, Chef Gnann uses fried cheese curds and sausage gravy. Find this unique delicacy at the food court and at the concession stands at section 104, 310, and 317. Fans are required to bring their own Lipitor.
(By the way, I feel like such a hipster posting photos of food. Or maybe just Julia Child-ish)
The bacon on a stick returns, refined with a maple chili glaze. This item can be found in the food court on the main concourse and at the concession stand at section 317.

The pimento cheese dog is another new item that can also be found at the Food Network concession stand. This is a jumbo hot dog topped with pimento cheese and butter pickle relish.
Another new item is the chicken fried steak on a stick, which is rib eye steak that is battered and fried and served with pepper gravy. Find this on at the food court on the main level and at Section 310.
A Nashville favorite- hot chicken- returns. Spicy fried chicken with fries, pickles, and bread can be found at the main level food court and Section 310.
There were new s'mores waffles as well, but they disappeared so quickly I didn't get a picture of them. They can be found along with the returning chicken and waffles at the concession stand at section 109.
Chef Gnann has put a lot of thought into the new menu items and said that he has gotten feedback from fans about some foods that they would like to see on the menu. According to Gnann, the challenge with coming up with items beyond the standard concession stand fare is maintaining the quality of the food. Gnann said that these items are not pre-made, but prepared when a fan makes an order. Balancing the speed of preparation with the quality of the food requires lots of advanced planning and work with the concessionaires to refine the preparation and delivery process.
Gnann said they had looked at many different menu offerings and settled on these for their uniqueness and the ability to deliver to patrons a quality product.
Fans of the Predators are fortunate to have one of the best atmospheres and experiences when they venture into Bridgestone Arena. The new menu options will enhance that experience. 

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