Saturday, October 12, 2013

My View

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On vacation this week, so this one will not be as in-depth. That said...

I'm sure all of you have seen the heavy handed tactics that the federal government has undertaken since the government shutdown. In particular, the way our veterans and citizens have been treated when they have tried to access our national parks. The actions of our government have been petty and designed to inflict as much inconvenience and pain as possible. Now, how do you think the federal government is going to treat citizens when it comes to managing healthcare? If you think the treatment of citizens that enroll in Obamacare will be much better, then you haven't been paying attention.

Speaking of Obamacare, the enrollment debacle is just a precursor to how badly the federal government will manage healthcare in this country. From a web site that cost over $600 million to develop and doesn't work to the inability to perform a basic function like getting people enrolled, the signs are there that this is going to be a disaster.

It still infuriates me that our "leaders" in Washington have foisted the Obamacare disaster on this country but have exempted themselves from having to enroll in the plan themselves. The imperious nature of our leaders and their unwillingness to live under the laws they have passed is a major part of the problem that our country faces today.

It would not surprise me to see the impasse between the White House and Congressional Republicans cause us to hit the debt ceiling limit on the 17th. While this is cause for concern, it will not lead to default. The Treasury can prioritize payments and pay bond holders their principal and interest on bonds coming due. It will have an impact on entitlement spending if that happens. Social Security payments, welfare checks, and other social spending will be delayed. When that happens, look for the pressure to ramp up and a deal to be reached. The deal will raise the debt limit but will do nothing to curtail spending.

A baby seal walks into a bar. The bartender says "What will you have?" The seal said, "Anything but a Canadian Club."

If Apple made automobiles, would they have windows?

I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. My doctor told me I would be okay, but I felt like I dyed a little inside.

I went to a new zoo but the only animal they had there was a dog. It was a Shitzu.

And that, my friends, is my view.

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