Friday, April 6, 2012

My View

All of us have experienced despair.

Some have watched the clock tick down on our favorite sports team as they trail in a critical contest. Some are passed over for a promotion in spite of their best efforts. All of us experience life's frustrations that can cause us to despair.

Some experience despair of a more significant nature.

A child that succumbs to addictions or illness. A marriage that shatters. The loss of a job and impending financial ruin. An illness that takes away our health.

Life has a way of bringing despair to us in some form or fashion, and none of us are immune.

The lie of despair tells us there is no hope. No way out of the desperate situation that we face. And for many, that desperation becomes a grim reality. It becomes, unfairly, the reality in which many of us live.

It emphasizes to all of us that life is not fair.

And life is not fair.

The message of Easter for all of us, however, is that the despair, the desperation that we face is a lie. There is a hope for all of us.

It is true that life is not fair. Good people suffer and endure hardships not of their making. However, the dawn of the Easter morning tells us that there is a hope that transcends the pain and despair of this life.

There is something better.

On this Easter weekend, may each of us seize the hope that is promised to all of us. May we see the fact that this temporal existence, with its attendant pain, suffering, and despair, is not the end. Despair does not win.

May the hope that is renewed in the Easter message be yours throughout the coming year.

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