Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rollin' On

Know how to live the time that is given you.

Dario Fo

Another birthday has come and gone, and life just keeps rollin' on. I'm another year older, and hopefully a bit wiser. For those that know me well, that might be up for debate. Nevertheless, give me the benefit of the doubt.

This past year of life has seen some highs and lows.

I have seen a daughter that struggled with all sorts of problems in high school successfully complete her first year of college. A young lady that struggled in high school with all sorts of issues in and out of the classroom began to get her life together. A child who had at times seemed as if life would roll over her started to "get it" and grew personally and academically.

I buried a dear friend, a guy my age that lost his battle with the demons of addictions. A friend that was one of the first people to hold my daughter after we adopted her; a friend that I had enjoyed many great times with decided to shut out his friends and family and slipped away from us even though we desperately tried to rescue him.

Highs and lows.

Life just rollin' on.

Sometimes life rolls like a raging river that has breached its banks, sweeping away anything and anyone in its path. Sometimes life rolls like a peaceful stream, tranquil and calming.

Life rollin' on.

Hopefully, I have learned a few lessons this past year. One that I am taking to heart is to value the people that are important to me. I am going to appreciate more deeply those people that have come into my life that I call friends, people that accept me for what I am and what I can be. People that support me regardless of my weaknesses, foibles, and flaws.

This is not some maudlin post. This is about celebrating those people that bring a smile into your life, that support you, regardless of your shortcomings. Those people are the ones that lift you up and make life that calm, peaceful stream of time.

Those that have been gracious enough to read my blog and share my experiences are those people. You are the ones that I call "friends".

Thank you.

I have learned that my friends are the some of the most valuable people in my life, a gift without measure. That is the benefit of time, another year of life. Time reinforces the importance and value of those people in your life that you can call a friend. Time strips away the superficial and reveals the important. Time shows you those friends that help you through the turbulent times.

Life will keep on rollin' on. How we cope with it is up to us.

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