Sunday, April 25, 2010

7th Man- Are You In?

Game 5 in the Predators-Blackhawks series was a punch in the gut to the Predators and their fans. 13 seconds away from an improbable comeback victory over the highly favored Hawks saw the game get tied up and then lost in overtime.

This loss was painful. You can dissect the reasons for the loss all you want, but the fact is that the Predators had an opportunity to take control of the series and gave it away. The hurt from this one is palpable.

After the game, I had an opportunity to read a lot of "tweets" on Twitter that said many of the Predators supporters had given up, that the series was over. There is only one thing to say:

No, it's not.

Time and again over the course of this season, we have asked, no, demanded, that our boys bounce back. We have asked that they get back to their winning ways. And they have responded. A team that was picked to be last, or very near the bottom in the Western Conference, refused to give in to conventional wisdom and the challenges of a grueling season and continually rebounded. They fought and scraped their way into the playoffs and logged an unbelievable 100 point season. They did not quit.

And now 7th man, the call to you is not to quit either.

The call is to overcome the pain and frustration of a bitter loss and get ready to bring it on Monday night. The call is to be there for our boys and rise as Predator nation in support of the team that has laid it on the line all season.

It's no secret our barn is a tough place for visiting teams. It's tough because of you, 7th man. When we bring the energy and the noise, we are an intimidating and unstoppable force. This game is our challenge, our time to bounce back and bring the volume in support of the team we love.

Whatever happens Monday night, the 7th man has to be right there alongside the Predators, exhorting and encouraging them, yes even willing them to a win.

This series is not over. The hurt of the loss in game 5 has to be turned into energy and enthusiasm for our boys.

I expect them to bring it Monday night.

7th man- will you bring it?

Are you in?

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