Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop me if you have heard this before

An embarrassing loss to the Evil Empire as the Preds PK is shredded for 5 goals in 6 PP opportunities by the Wings in the process of falling 6-2. Another weak start, inept penalty kill, and little offensive pop doom the Preds. Same song, different verse, and frankly, this is becoming a tired tune. At some point, 6 guys on the ice have to take responsibility for their effort, heart, and level of play. The one positive out of this game is that the two Pred goals were scored by Steve Sullivan, his first tallies in over two years.

For the Preds to achieve the 90 point plateau, which I believe will be necessary to make the playoffs, they will have to go 16-7-1 over the remainder of the season. While the playoff possibilities are not gone, there is little margin for error for this team. It is now time for each player in the locker room to look deep inside themselves and ask how badly do you want it. Time to show the heart and grit necessary to win. No more excuses, boys.

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