Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playoff hockey in February

As of Sunday morning, the Western Conference standings were:

San Jose 79 points (Division leader)

Detroit 75 points (Division leader)

Calgary 64 points (Division leader)

Chicago 66 points

Anaheim 59 points

Dallas 57 points

Vancouver 56 points

Minnesota 55 points

Columbus 55 points

Los Angeles 53 points

Nashville 53 points

Phoenix 53 points

Colorado 51 points

St. Louis 50 points

As the standings indicate, every game is critical to the playoff push for a number of teams. The Preds have started the month of February 4-0 and have played themselves back into the playoff race. This is the time that winners step up and do the necessary things to win games- play with heart, grit, and determination. The Preds are on the road again with a 5:00 face off in Dallas. This is the time where we find out who wants to win and who will fall by the way. Time to show us what you got, boys.

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