Saturday, April 19, 2014

My View

It goes without saying that life is messy. The road we all walk is often chaotic and strewn with doubts, fears, and woes.

At times, those struggles can overwhelm us. There is often no relief, no balm for our crushed spirits.

Worst of all, we can feel alone with our grief, our burdens, and our struggles.

Yet we are not alone.

There is one that has walked our road, one that has felt physical pain beyond description; one that carried burdens that were not His; one that in his hour of greatest need was abandoned by those closest to Him.

The message of Easter is that we do not walk our road alone. Instead, we walk with one that understands our physical pain; one that understands our grief and emotional hurts; one that knows what it feels like to be abandoned and alone.

The rising of the sun on that Easter morning tells us emphatically that the rising of the Son signifies that no matter what burdens we are carrying, no matter the depth of our despair, we have one that understands and stands with us.

Easter and the risen Son doesn't mean that we will be without pain, loneliness, and hurt.

No, we will still experience those on our road we are walking.

Instead, Easter signifies that we will not walk alone. We have one that walks with us that understands our hurts and longings. We have one that empathizes with our suffering.

And he will never let us walk alone.

That is the hope that Easter brings to all of us. A hope that never fails because the one walking with us never fails.

This Easter, may we all take hope in the one that walks with us.

And walk closer to Him.

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