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Remember former Environmental Protection Agency senior official John Beale? He was recently convicted of defrauding the federal government of $900,000 for work he did not do and for posing as a CIA agent while at the EPA. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee recently released a transcript of his testimony. Beale relates some interesting details of the Obama Administration's strategy for using the EPA, and it goes far beyond protecting the environment.

According to Beale,

"There were several phases of the project as we had outlined it. There's an enormous body of literature on the subject. Sometimes its referred to as sustainability, sometimes as green economics. And so phase 1 of the project was for me to become very familiar with the literature. Phase 2 would have been out interviewing academic and business experts.

And then phase 3 would have been coming up with specific proposals that could be or could have been proposed either legislatively or things which could have been done administratively to kind of modify the DNA of the capitalist system."


Beale testified that current EPA head Gina McCarthy is aware of the anti-capitalist project and is extremely interested in it. The project stalled when Beale was arrested for his fraudulent activities.

Friends, this is amazing and unprecedented.

We are an economy that has been founded on capitalist principles. And yes, capitalism is not perfect. It is messy. It engages in what famed economist Joseph Schumpeter called "creative destruction". And capitalism requires risk and doles out rewards commensurate to that risk. It requires sweat and toil.

And capitalism, most of all, provides freedom.

Which makes it different than every economic system or model in history.

In this system, you and I can choose how hard we want to work and our standard of living. We can refuse jobs. We can move to locales that have an abundance of jobs. We all make numerous life choices because of the economic freedom that capitalism provides.

And there is no other economic system in the world that works as well or as objectively as capitalism.

And this administration and the bureaucrats in Washington want to change that system.

President Obama and those on the left want to use bureaucracies such as the EPA to fundamentally transform America. And it is not about coal, carbon, or green energy. The proposed regulations are about one thing, and one thing only.


The climate change (the newest euphemism for global warming) scam led by the charlatan Al Gore is designed to transfer wealth from you and me along with every business in this country to Washington. It is designed to centralize power to get approval for business expansion. It is designed to lord power over you and me by imposing onerous land use regulations. And those regulations and the bureaucracy that would support them would be paid for by higher taxation on those that produce, that engage in capitalism.

It is about control and a central planning philosophy that says those in Washington know best.

Let me ask you, friends, which economy has been more vibrant and has offered the greatest amount of upward mobility and the highest standard of living?

Is it the U.S. or Russia? The U.S. or China? India?

Here is the reality, capitalism gives you and I the freedom to succeed in the manner of our choosing, not in the way a central planner tells us. It lets us have control over our lives. It allows us to build wealth.

And liberal elites and entrenched bureaucrats hate us for that, and they want to take away your economic liberty and potential.

Watch closely what is happening in Washington, and dig beneath the surface. There is often, as it is with the global warming scam, much more going on.

And it is that ulterior motive that will have the most significant impact on you and me.

Beale said it- this administration wants to change the DNA of the greatest economic system in history.

Not for our benefit.

But for power.

And that, my friends, is my view.

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