Friday, May 24, 2013

My View: Memorial Day

"Time heals all wounds..."

We are all familiar with this adage. Time heals all wounds. Sorrows fade, hurts are diminished, painful emotions dissipate.
That is the power of time.
And as much as we need time to heal, we cannot let time diminish what is important, those things or people that should never be forgotten. Important memories should never fade.
Memorial Day is a day of honor and remembrance. The significance of Memorial Day should not be diminished by the passing of time. It is a day out of our hectic schedule that calls us to remember. Those recollections draw us as a free society to remember the cost of that freedom and the sacrifice of those men and women that have secured and preserved our liberties.
For some, even though time has passed, these recollections are painful. To remember means to recall loved ones that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. For some, time brings no solace.
Yet we remember. We have to do so. We have to know that our freedom has been won at a terrible cost to some.
And in remembering, we honor those that have willingly sacrificed all so that we can be free. We honor the lives that were taken too soon. We honor the families that have been left behind to deal with unimaginable loss. We honor those that returned with scarred bodies and psyches that will never be whole.
So we that are whole, that are free, and enjoy the liberties won by blood take time. We take this time to honor those that have sacrificed and are sacrificing for our freedom. We pause to say "thank you" for your sacrifice. We give you our time to honor your service.
Time may very well heal all wounds, but it does not diminish the magnitude of the sacrifice that has been made for our freedom.
This Memorial Day, the beneficiaries of the sacrifice of those that have served take time to offer our gratitude.

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