Friday, October 12, 2012

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During this silly season leading up to the Presidential election, you will hear a number of claims and counter-claims about a variety of political issues. A hot button, sound bite issue for those on the Left is to have the rich pay their "fair share" in taxes. Beyond the disquieting notion of having those in Washington determine what is a "fair share", one must ask the fundamental question of who is actually paying the taxes in this country. According to the Tax Foundation, the richest 10% of all households in this country pay 45% of all the taxes collected. Let that sink in for a moment... the richest 10% of all households pay 45% of all the taxes. Despite being demonized by those on the Left and their mouthpieces in the mainstream press, the reality is that the "rich" are paying more than their fair share. Way more. By the way, the average tax burden for the richest 10% in the world's developed nations is 32%. It is time to look past the class warfare rhetoric of the Left and understand that taking more of the wealth of the "rich" and re-distributing it through the bureaucracy of Washington is not a formula for growth or long term economic health.

I still have my looks, I just can't find them.

Lots...LOTS of focus on the fact that the unemployment rate was reported earlier this week to have fallen under 8% to 7.8%. This was seen as a sign that companies have started hiring and that finally we were seeing a turn in job creation. Not so fast, my friends. Seems that a rather large state *cough* California *cough* didn't report all their unemployment claims, skewing the number. Oh yes, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) economists that compiled the data- Obama supporters and contributors to his campaign. Here are the two salient points about this: REAL unemployment as measured by the U-6 measurement compiled by BLS is 15%. This includes individuals that have stopped looking for work; that have stopped collecting unemployment or are under-employed. That number hasn't changed significantly over the past 18 months and is more accurately indicative of the condition of our work force. The other point to keep in mind is that government data is now being skewed to achieve a political end. Perceptive people know that the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats and liberal causes. They are past the point of trying to hide their support of those candidates and causes. Now government information is being manipulated to support a political viewpoint. Why? The only sector of the economy that has been growing over the term of the Obama presidency? You guessed it. Government employees. Readers of this blog know that I exhort you to always follow the money, and for government employees, supporting a candidate  in any way possible that wants to grow government is in their interest. Take the data from various government departments with a grain of salt. Just like you do with any news item in the mainstream press.

Love is grand. Divorce is at least a hundred grand.

As we watch the debates and listen to the campaign rhetoric, we are going to hear the candidates make their case for the Presidency. Part of what we hear is playing to the audience, part political theater. We have gotten to the point now that we have fact checkers validating or disproving the sometimes outlandish statements by the candidates. many individuals just tune out this noise. But here is a suggestion: listen to which candidate and which party is addressing the fundamental issues that must be addressed for the betterment of our country. I believe there are six issues that we as a nation have to address to improve and continue our way of life. Which candidate offers a vision, a plan to deal with the looming fiscal crisis; the explosive growth of government; the culture of dependency on government handouts; the failure of our public education system; the antipathy toward work and companies that create jobs; and the forces that are destroying our families? That candidate that can address those issues with clarity is the type of leader that this nation needs. And we desperately need leadership.

You should always follow your dreams. Except that one where you are naked at work.

And that, my friends, is my view.

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