Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scenes from the Road: Boston

The View was joined last weekend by a large contingent of Predator faithful that trekked to Boston to see the boys take on the Bruins. Here are some scenes from our road trip.

We arrived in Boston on Friday before the game to sunny and pleasant weather. That changed on Saturday to cold, raw, and spitting snow. A noon start and the nasty weather made for little time to sight see, but the team hotel was across the street from the famous Boston Commons. This is a picture from early morning on game day.

Like many modern arenas, TD Garden is architecturally nondescript, sitting in the downtown area. That plain exterior belies the expansive, bright, and clean interior of the arena. The concourses inside the Garden are wide, allowing for easy movement. There are numerous dining options along with several bars. Security entering the arena is much higher than most arenas to which I have traveled. Metal detectors are in use and security presence is high.

In the second picture, you will notice in the lower right hand corner a sign that says North Station. The Garden has several local rail lines that run directly to this station, and many fans use this as their mode of transportation to and from the games. Our hostess, C.J. Shepard, commutes to games this way, and I would love it if this was an option for Predator fans.

This is the Bobby Orr statue on the plaza outside the arena, which celebrates his Stanley Cup winning goal against the St. Louis Blues. Bruins fans- rightfully so- view it as a shrine, and numerous fans stop to have their picture made there. Wearing our Predators sweaters did not stop several B's fans from asking us to make their picture.

Notice in the background of the top photo of the statue a business called Ace Tickets. According to CJ, a number of the seats in the Garden are bought by ticket brokers like Ace and are re-sold. She said the entire row of seats behind her season ticket seats is owned by ticket brokers, and her guess was that a large number of the seats in the lower bowl were owned by brokers.

The view of the ice and the Garden before the pre-skate.

The Championship banners hanging in the rafters of the Garden. I can't wait to see some of those hanging at the Bridge.

The teams during the anthem and the view from our seats.

Beauty and the Beast. Our gracious and hockey savvy hostess CJ Shepard and the View after the game.

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