Friday, October 21, 2011

Trotzy's Tirade Goes International

Fans of Mattias Ekholm in Sweden have, by extension, become at least casual fans of the Nashville Predators. After the debacle in Vancouver last night, Trotz specifically called out Ekholm, calling his play "horrible, absolutely horrible." While we might brush that off and say that is a coach trying to kick start a team and a player that needs a good kick in the hockey pants, it was big news back in Sweden.

Don't believe me?

Here is the headline from Aftonbladet

The quote in the bubble is what Trotzy actually said about Ekholm. The headline below the picture loosely translates to the Coach "sawed up" his player.

While not as sensational as Aftonbladet, this is the headline from Expressen, and the translation is that Ekholm was brutally cut up by his Coach.

The obvious interest in a local athlete playing in the NHL is high. The perception of his treatment is... different.

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  1. I am kinda with them. It's not like Ekholm was significantly worse than most of the rest of the team.