Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye and Good Luck, Christine

Nashville's ABC affiliate, WKRN, said good-bye to weekend news anchor Christine Maddela this past Sunday. Christine is moving on to Philadelphia for a great career opportunity, and while this is the nature of the television business, Christine's departure will leave a void in Nashville.

Sure, there a a number of talented television personalities in Nashville, but Christine was not just a talented newscaster and reporter. She was personable and approachable, always quick with a smile and kind word.

Beyond being a good person, Christine genuinely cared about Nashville and its citizens. During the devastating floods of last May, Christine manned the anchor desk almost continuously. Her steady, calm, and empathetic manner belied the fact that she was moved by the destruction she was covering. After the floods, she was involved in many fund raising and community recovery efforts because of her concern for her fellow citizens.

Philadelphia is getting a talented professional. Even more so, they are getting a great person.

Good luck in Philly, Christine.

You will be missed in Nashville.

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