Monday, February 7, 2011

Predators Embarrassed by the Oilers 4-0

The Edmonton Oilers came into the Bridgestone Arena and knocked the Nashville Predators on their ass, took their lunch money, and ran away with their girlfriend in a 4-0 rout of the hapless Predators. And the Predators did nothing about it.

This loss was disgusting, embarrassing, and beyond words- at least words that I will say on this blog. Spin this one any way you want guys; say it wasn't your night or whatever. The fact is that you pissed away two precious points against the worst team in the Western Conference. Yes, they have some talent, but you guys managed to make them look like Stanley Cup contenders tonight.

Pekka Rinne got the start, and he gave up all four goals. The guys in front of Rinne owe him an apology for their play tonight.

The Predators rang some shots off the post (three times in the second period), but they managed to make Devan Dubnyk look like a Vezina Trophy finalist tonight. This team was generally inept and impotent on offense tonight.

You can read the scoring recap here.

Here is the painful fact: if this team does not develop mental toughness- quickly- they will be in trouble down the stretch. There is no excuse for not defending your home ice and turning in the effort you did tonight, boys. You should be embarrassed. I am as a fan.

These are the kind of games that will come back to haunt you. A very winnable game that you stunk up. A game where you showed absolutely no response and fight when the chips were down.

In a word, disgusting.

The up and down nature of this team does not bode well. Good teams win the games they are supposed to win and don't let down. Tonight, you let down. Badly. A team without mental toughness.

Maybe you were still feeling good about the Detroit win. Maybe you just expected to throw your jersey out on the ice and notch another two points. I don't know. This effort tonight is beyond explanation.

Here is the takeaway from this game: play like this and you are going to get your head handed to you and you will continue to be embarrassed.

Games like tonight are unacceptable.

I hope you feel as badly about your effort as I do.

If not, you are in trouble.

My three stars:

All Oilers


  1. Hey, @OilerFanatic here Nice to see you didn't sugar coat anything... Yes Pred's could have played better but the gotta give the Oilers a little credit too... They played well!


  2. Hope Trotzie prints this out and tapes it to the locker room board and says "Hey guys why are we going to get a low seed, oh I know we pissed away 2 points vs the world's best Bantam team the Oilers"