Friday, December 24, 2010

My View

Into the midst of darkness came an eternal light.

Chaos was replaced with order.

Despair was vanquished by hope.

And for the first time, all of mankind could experience peace.

That is the message of the Christmas season.


Christmas brings to all mankind a sense of peace. Relationships that have been fractured by the stress of daily living can be reconciled once again. The lost and lonely can find solace in the promise of the Christmas story. Christmas presents the offering of a peace that transcends the strife and trauma of this world.

To be sure, there is still trouble, there is still evil in this world that interjects itself all too painfully into our daily lives. Cares and concerns are still there for each of us.

The hope and peace that Christmas offers is that the evil of this world has not won. The advent of the Christ  assures us that evil and the cares of daily living do not have the last word. The hope that we have is permanent; the peace that Christmas brings is unfailing.

As this Christmas season unfolds, my hope is that each of you experience the true and everlasting peace that under girds this holiday. May the peace of this Christmas season be with each of you in your daily lives. May this peace influence your words, your thoughts, and your deeds.

Merry Christmas.

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