Monday, October 25, 2010

The First Hattie's of the 2010 Season

It's time to once again break out the prestigious "Hattie" Award, and early in the 2010 the field of "honorees" is surprisingly strong. Today, we honor two individuals who have distinguished themselves as real H.A.'s.

Ross McKeon

Stick tap to On The Forecheck's Dirk Hoag for pointing this one out. Seems McKeon thinks things are bad in Nashville because the Preds didn't sell out a Saturday night game against the Washington Ovechkins, and in his Yahoo Sports Power Rankings could only mention this and not the stellar play of the team. McKeon fails to acknowledge the consistent and significant rise in early season attendance for the Predators. I know it pains guys like McKeon to give any kinds of props to the the Predators, but it does not pain me to make this award to him. Ross, You are a H.A.

Ryan Lambert

Our second recipient is certainly no less deserving. Writing a feature on Puck Daddy called "What We Learned", Lambert decides to dredge up some old news. His quote, "The Predators were supposed to give the Nashville Metro Sports Authority some documentation of the team's net worth on July 1. they haven't done that yet, though. They're also trying to refinance a $75 million loan. Hockey in Nashville; it's TOTALLY working!" Well, besides being a lazy slug of a "reporter" and digging in to why the team has not certified its financial position (and no, I'm not going to tell you, Lambert. Do some actual work if you want to find out) and dredging up some old news, Lambert engages in a worn out attempt to tie in an unrelated fact ( the re-financing of the debt) to paint a negative picture of the Predators in this market. It has been known since the debt was initiated by the franchise that it would have to be refinanced at this time- that was the original term of the loan. How the refinancing of the debt relates to the success of hockey in this market is irrelevant. Sorta like your reporting, Ryan. Enjoy your Hattie, you've earned it.

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