Thursday, July 29, 2010

My View

Random thoughts from a warped and fevered mind...

At the beach this week, so this will be a slightly different "My View" since I haven't been too connected to what has been happening in the world. So welcome to some of the warped and random thoughts rolling around in my brain.

After being at the beach for a week, it occurs to me that our country must have a shortage of mirrors. How else do you explain people going out in public looking the way they look. Yikes!

Did you know that jellyfish taste nothing at all like jelly?

It's amazing all the places sand can get into.

I discovered that old pirates never die. They just get blown offshore.

Reading while sun bathing makes you, well, red.

Be careful if you leave alphabet soup on the stove because it could spell disaster.

I lost my job at an orange juice company because I couldn't concentrate.

I was having a beer at a bar on the beach when a jumper cable walked in. The bartender said, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

Sharks will not bite attorneys when they are out swimming. Professional courtesy.

Being at Myrtle Beach for the week is interesting. I went to college just a couple of hours up the road at the University of South Carolina, so when football practice or class work didn't dominate my time, I spent quite a lot of time here. Lots of good times and memories came flooding back during the time here. A little different, however, as I come back after 30 years away and with two children and a wife in tow. Not so much partying and a lot more putt putt and family things. Life changes, but who we are today is shaped by the experiences- good and bad- and the people that we have encountered along the way. This place has special memories of good times spent with people that shaped me.

 We have all heard the expression "you can't go home again." And in some respects, that is true. However, we never forget those people and experiences that have forged our character and molded our life and the places that are special to us.

I'm no longer a college kid that is at the beach to party. I am an adult with adult responsibilities and priorities. I haven't gone home, but I have visited a place with special memories that is a part of who I am. A place that has helped shape the person I have become today.

And that, my friends, is my view.

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