Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Preds Re-Sign Sully

There is a sound of great rejoicing in Pred Nation as the Nashville Predators announced that unrestricted free agent Steve Sullivan had been re-signed to a two year contract for $3.75MM per year. Sully had made known his desire to stay in Nashville if at all possible, stating that he liked the team and his family loved the area. He had also made known that he had to do what was necessary to secure his family's financial well being. In the twilight of his career, this is very understandable. Sully and his agent certainly tested the free agent waters, and fortunately for the Preds and their fans, he found the water in Nashville to be just fine. I'm certain that Sully's medical history was a factor in his market value, and when the offers were evaluated, he felt that he was being fairly compensated by the Preds offer. Kudos to David Poile for getting this deal done. And kudos to the best fans in the NHL for making Nashville an exciting and competitive environment. This is a major positive for the offensively challenged Preds and bodes well for this team for the coming season.

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